URGENT NOTICE A city council bill is allowing convicted criminals to live right next door to you.

Proposed bill 2047 is one more attempt by the radical city council of New York to destroy the fabric of our communities. Most jurisdictions require those convicted of sex offenses to register as a sex offender precisely because sex offenders pose a risk to others. Additional risks are posed by arsonists, murderers, and rapists.

Landlords have obligations to their tenants to take reasonable steps to provide them with safe living environments. Realizing the prior criminal conduct of potential tenants is a reasonable precaution. Co-op boards also want to know the candidate understands the responsibilities associated with living in a co-op.

This bill prohibits landlords from conducting criminal background checks on prospective residential tenants. They would be prohibited from inquiring about criminal record information at any stage in the process for applicants looking to purchase or rent.

This proposed legislation impacts not just landlords—including Coop Boards, Condo Boards, Homeowners and real estate brokers. It also threatens the safety of any community.

If Bill 2047 is passed, landlords would have no way of knowing if any proposed applicants have been convicted of a serious crime that would otherwise impact their decision-making process. Similar bills were passed in Seattle, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota, and are subject to judicial challenge. The bill currently has 27 disconnected sponsors on the city council.

Do you want criminals living around you? This is a real and credible threat. If we want to protect ourselves, our property, and our community, we must put a stop to this bill.

Protect your rights. Vote for James Reilly for City Council in District 23. Reilly fights for all of us.

About James Reilly

I’m fighting for all of us. I’ll always fight to stop this or any other radical bill in the City Council. If elected in November, I’ll bring ‘real world’ experience to the council to show how legislation like this does more to hurt our communities than help it.

Take Back Queens. Go Vote for Reilly!

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